Colleen Warmingham


I’m Colleen, the Minimologist, and I believe everyone needs a safe place to work through life’s transitions. Whether joyful or painful, intentional or unplanned, all transitions bring challenges.

I help you by asking questions and listening as you articulate your needs and goals. Then, organizing your space is just a matter of aligning your stuff to your future. When we’re done, you’ll have an efficient home or office that makes your life more comfortable.


Do you… ?

  • crave efficiency at home or work
  • feel led to make changes to improve your life
  • believe you’re creative
  • own a business
  • know that simplifying your space will give you greater freedom
  • want to work with a professional organizer who respects your need for personal and professional confidentiality
  • or have you experienced a major life changing event such as business growth spurt, move, marriage, empty nest, or job change?

If so, we can help you:

  • make peace with your paper with a maintenance-free filing system
  • streamline your business operations to save you time
  • prepare your files and possessions for retirement downsizing, or for your executor
  • reduce your eco impact, and green your home or office
  • reclaim space in your home or office
  • learn the methods of organizing so you can do it on your own

This is what clients say when they call the first time. Have you ever felt this way?

  • I need less… less stuff, less stress, less noise in my head
  • I’m ready to make changes
  • I miss the early days of my business when it was simpler
  • After dealing with my parent’s estate, I don’t want to leave a mess for my children
  • I know I have too much stuff, and I’m ready to let go, but I don’t know where to start
  • I miss the ease of living in a small apartment
  • I just wish I had time to sit and read a book
  • It’s been too long since I’ve had a vacation
  • I’m ready to simplify

Then it’s time to meet the Minimologist.

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Monday, May 2 @ 1pm ET
Dealing with life transitions
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Tuesday, May 3 @4-8pm ET
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Friday, June 3 @5-9pm ET
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Are you new to hiring an organizer?

Then it might help to read about the services we provide our clients, and what happens during an organizing session. You probably want to know how green organizing makes the Minimologist different. Maybe you'd also like to meet the Minimologist. Browse around. Get to know us. We're here to help you.