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Colleen Warmingham


I’m Colleen, the Minimologist, and I believe everyone needs a safe place to work through life transitions. Whether joyful or painful, intentional or unplanned, all transitions bring challenges.

I help you by asking questions and listening as you articulate your needs and goals. Then, organizing your space is just a matter of aligning your stuff to your future. When we’re done, you’ll have an efficient home or office that makes your life more comfortable.


Do you… ?

  • crave efficiency at home or work
  • feel led to make changes to improve your life
  • believe you’re creative
  • own a business
  • know that simplifying your space will give you greater freedom
  • want to work with a professional organizer who respects your need for personal and professional confidentiality
  • or have you experienced a major life changing event such as business growth spurt, move, marriage, empty nest, or job change?

If so, we can help you:

  • make peace with your paper with a maintenance-free filing system
  • streamline your business operations to save you time
  • prepare your files and possessions for retirement downsizing, or for your executor
  • reduce your eco impact, and green your home or office
  • reclaim space in your home or office
  • learn the methods of organizing so you can do it on your own

This is what clients say when they call the first time

  • I need less… less stuff, less stress, less noise in my head
  • I’m ready to make changes
  • I miss the early days of my business when it was simpler
  • After dealing with my parent’s estate, I don’t want to leave a mess for my children
  • I know I have too much stuff, and I’m ready to let go, but I don’t know where to start
  • I miss the ease of living in a small apartment
  • I just wish I had time to sit and read a book
  • It’s been too long since I’ve had a vacation
  • I’m ready to simplify

Have you ever felt this way? Then it’s time to
meet the Minimologist.


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