Spring clean your garage


Late winter is a time of cabin fever and clutter frustration. In my organizing business, I call February to May my “Spring Rush.” My phone rings frequently with requests for help clearing away the tired excesses of winter, preparing for tax season, and getting ready for spring’s fresh start.

Responding to the Lehigh Valley’s winter fatigue, the Morning Call recently interviewed me for tips to organize your garage this spring. In addition to the hints captured by the interviewer…  Continue reading at The Valley Ledger…

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Create your home base

desk suppliesLast article, we looked at how to set up your office-on-the-go for working with clients or meeting with colleagues. With an attaché or backpack stocked with the essentials you’re ready to conduct business anywhere around the valley.

After your adventure, you’ll return home, probably with a bag filled with the odds and ends of a day’s work. How well does your office support you when you land? The key to staying organized on the road is…  Continue reading at The Valley Ledger…

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Create your mobile office


Self-employment is common across the country and here in the Lehigh Valley. As many of us leave cubicle life and strike out on our own, we’re discovering that it’s not all about working from home in our bunny slippers. We need to get out, and meet with clients or collaborate with other business owners.

This means that more and more of us are running offices out of our attaches, backpacks, and cars. In my job as a professional organizer, I help my entrepreneurial clients…  Continue reading at The Valley Ledger…

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