Colleen Warmingham

What dreams are buried under your stuff?  Are you ready to begin the quest?

In the years I’ve been creating efficient homes and offices, I’ve noticed that an organizing session isn’t actually about the stuff.  It’s about your goals and dreams and hopes and wishes.  It’s about the change you want to make in the world, your business, or your home.  It’s about getting the clutter out of your way.

That’s why I became the Minimologist.  To help you minimize the obstacles.  To help you simplify, streamline, and focus on the essentials.

I live in a little farmhouse, overlooking the Saucon Valley in eastern Pennsylvania.  I knit, garden as much as the deer let me, take naps in my hammock, hike the local mountains.  I’m learning how to dye fiber, spin, and weave.  I dry herbs in the summer and can applesauce in the fall.  My personal goals include spending more time traveling, writing, and doing yoga.

Why did I become a professional organizer?  Because I want to see your transformation.  Not just your space (though that’s fun too), but you.  The best part of an organizing project is the moment the way opens for you.  That magical moment when you believe, deep in your core, that your transformation is underway.

I started my organizing career in 2005 as the owner of Space Inventors.  In January 2013 the business relaunched as Minimologist, LLC.  The new name reflects my core value of minimizing my impact on this precious planet and helping you to do the same.  I embrace creative problem solving, espouse a minimalist approach to consumerism, and invent new uses for old treasures.  I’m the MacGyver of organizing.

It takes courage for you to let me into your space and trust me to be your guide.  I know this, and it’s my goal to be worthy of your trust.

~Colleen Warmingham, Minimologist


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