Going green and getting organized go hand-in-hand.  Why?  Because both are about exercising thoughtful purchasing habits, and disposing of excess responsibly.

GreenAmericaCertifiedGoldIf you’ve been looking for support in simplifying your space and reducing your footprint, you’ll find a kindred spirit when working with me.  I will provide you with options to donate your unneeded goods, and encourage you to reuse or buy locally-produced, fair-trade, or organic goods when possible.

What if I’m not a tree-hugger?

At no point in our session together will I ask you to hug a tree. However, there are a few things you will notice about my style.

I will encourage you to reuse what you have.  I believe you have many of your things for a reason — because you like them.  Let’s work together to use them fully in your space.

I will encourage you to find new homes for unwanted items. Of course, I have plenty of resources for donating items in the Lehigh Valley which will make this process as easy as possible. If you are not accustomed to donating rather than throwing things out, you may be surprised by how good you feel. Donating your unneeded but serviceable items to those who will use them can bring great joy. And knowing that your things are going to a new home may make it easier for you to let them go.

I will encourage you to recycle your household or office waste. If you have been annoyed by trying to find space for recycle bins, you’ll be amazed how much easier it is once your space is organized.

I will encourage you to select sustainable products when they are available and to patronize locally-owned businesses. Again, I have plenty of resources to make this as easy as possible. Once you become accustomed to the higher level of service that small local businesses offer, you may never again go back to a “big box” store to hear a clerk say “I don’t know, I just work here.”

If this approach to managing your stuff sounds enlightening, call for your initial consultation. All in all, you don’t have to hug a tree to work with me. But it helps if you’re at least willing to shake hands.


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