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Many of my friends are grieving the loss of singer Prince. My generation grew up on Purple Rain and couldn’t imagine someday being thirtysomethings in 1999. For friends a decade older, Prince’s swift death at age 57 is a mortality …

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“How can I make my parents organize their papers? They gave me power of attorney and named me as executor, but I don’t know where anything is.” I receive phone calls like this several times each year. The caller is …

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The Supreme Court’s recent decision recognizing marriage equality made local and international news. Does this mean wedding bells for you and your partner? Even if you’ve been together for years (or decades), here are a few things that will keep …

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Yup, I’m happy today. The Supreme Court’s decision builds on our history of furthering marriage rights, and I hope, makes it a smidge easier for us to honor each other’s humanity. Next week I’ll start working on how today’s marriage …

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