Minimologist offers full service organizing for small businesses and home. Here are the nuts and bolts of how we guide you.

Business efficiency

You started your business to do what you do best, not sit at your desk plowing through piles of paper and emails. With some efficiency planning, you’ll be able to get back to doing what you love – serving your customers. We will help you:

  • Install a maintenance-free filing system (Watch FreedomFiler in action)
  • Optimize communication and work process handoffs between employees
  • Develop your goal and project strategy
  • Leverage seasonal highs and lowsFF_LinkToFFWebsite


Mid-life and retirement transitions

As you approach and enjoy retirement, you might be downsizing, relocatiHammockng, or creating your will. These tasks will be easier and less stressful with a guide at your side. You’re in control, but professional support would help you:

  • Inventory your assets and possessions in preparation for writing or updating your will
  • Organize your documents to lessen the stress for your agent (power-of-attorney) or personal representative (executor)
  • Downsize your home for retirement or relocation
  • Locate additional support professionals such as attorney, accountant, or financial planner


Executor support

After your loved one has passed away, and you’re the personal representative (executor) of the estate, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. We can reduce the burden of responsibility by guiding you to:

  • Track down and organize necessary papers and documentation
  • Locate items to give to beneficiaries and family
  • Prepare the home for sale
  • Manage and prioritize what you need to do
  • Create ways to honor and preserve memories


Household paper management

Despite promises of a paperless society, do you still have piles on ypaperclip greenour desk or dining room table? It’s frustrating to have a problem we thought would be eliminated by now. We can minimize your paper pain by helping you:

  • Install a maintenance-free filing system (Watch FreedomFiler in action)
  • Create an easy-to-use process to handle your incoming papers
  • Store your passwords safely and securely


Downsize for relocation

Getting ready to move but don’t want to take it all? Whether your new home is across town or across the country, moving gives you the perfect opportunity to simplify. If you’re feeling the deadline looming, let us help you:

  • Decide what to take and what to donate/sell/give away
  • Create and prioritize your action list so you feel in control of your move


Home simplifying

In our over-abundant, over-accumulating society, you might be feeling overwhelmed. When it’s time to simplify your possessions and commitments down to those that bring you joy, we will help you:

  • Organize your home office or other areas of the house
  • Create personal and family schedules
  • Plan and coordinate home improvement projects
  • Lessen your eco footprint when cleaning, doing laundry, tending to your personal care, shopping, and decorating
  • Locate local resources for green living
  • Leverage your creativity in using what you already have

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